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Weight Loss Management with LifeChek

Ever wonder how much activity it takes to burn off that ice cream sundae? With LifeChek you will know.

LifeChek™ is a revolutionary NEW device that accurately measures calories you burn.

  • Can I eat a chocolate bar if I add 30 minutes to my daily exercise?
  • How many calories am I really burning while jogging on a treadmill?
  • How many calories do I burn while taking care of my children and doing housework?
  • Will my metabolism really increase if I add weight lifting three times a week to my aerobic routine?

Now, you'll know for sure because LifeChek™ measures your metabolism - the calories you burn - at any given time. LifeChek™, worn discreetly, reads calories burned every 12 seconds, records the information and makes it available to you. And, you don't have to be active when measuring your calorie burn rate. You can measure when resting, watching television or even when you're eating.

Dieting is difficult. Often, the difficulty is complicated by the inability to see progress, too. But now, with LifeChek™, you can see your progress hour-by-hour, or even minute-by-minute if you want - LifeChek™ shows how many calories your body is burning.

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LifeChek helps you diet and/or exercise by providing powerful information that instantly lets you know how much progress you're making either trying to lose or maintain your current weight.

Until now, the only way to determine if you were making progress was to look at your scale. But scales aren't very precise and they don't adjust for how much you may have just eaten or the daily differences in your activity level or even the difference between the weight of fat or muscle mass.

With LifeChek™, you will have instant, accurate counts of the calories you are burning. You will know if you're burning enough calories to lose weight, and can see your progress on a continuous basis.

It is a fact that controlled studies show that if you burn more calories than the calories you eat, you will lose weight.

Wouldn't you want to know your own personal "energy equation" or calories in = calories burned?

Is your daily metabolic rate 1,500 or 3,000 or more?

Have you ever wanted to have a burger and fries and know you will be able to work it off in some way the same day? Just use LifeChek™ to regulate your activities and burn more calories than the burger and fries - or decide that you don't want the burger and fries after all when you really look at how many calories they contain and what it takes for you to exercise and burn them off completely.


If you were to go to a nutritionist or dietitian for advice on how to lose weight, they would recommend that you first keep a food log to see what types of food and how many calories you are eating. They would design a program reducing the calories by 500 per day to achieve a sensible one-pound per week weight loss (3,500 calories = one pound of fat). They would also inquire about your activity level during the day.

With Lifechek™, you would have a way of assessing how many calories you actually burn during your daily routine - with or without exercise - we all have a unique metabolism based on many factors, not just activity level. Are you a "Yo-Yo" dieter? Do you lose weight on one program only to gain it all back and then some when you go off the diet? One of the downsides of calorie restrictive diets is that your metabolism declines over time as a result - a throw back to the Stone Age when our bodies would go for long periods without food - a self-preservation mode. Surprising, right?

You may already know that if you don't exercise in some capacity while on a diet that you are least likely to continue to lose one pound a week or keep the weight off over time. With Lifechek™, you will always know your own personal "energy equation" and where you may need to make changes to achieve your goals.

When you hit a plateau in weight loss, you will know it may be time to change your exercise routine - add resistance training or add 10 minutes to your walk - you will be able to make changes and see the rewards in continued weight loss.

Lifechek™ will also help you see how much you have increased your metabolism by adhering to a program of resistance training (weight lifting) two or three times a week - muscle burns more calories than fat - combined with some aerobic activity three to four times a week; the best, long-lasting way to lose and keep weight off.

Lifechek™ is an excellent tool to help a certified professional and/or you yourself to design a weight loss program that would provide insight to and understanding of your own metabolism: one that could work for a lifetime.

Wouldn't it be nice to know when you can take a few days off from exercise or when you can splurge on that special treat you so desire (and deserve) occasionally and still achieve your weight goals?

Note: LifeChek™ DOES NOT REQUIRE EXERCISE to monitor your metabolism; it gives you information so you can decide what to do.

You do need to be aware that to keep weight off over time, adding muscle or increasing your calorie burn rate will enable you to sensibly lose or maintain your desired weight.

We at Lifechek™ hope that you will be motivated to make positive lifestyle changes with personalized metabolic information not previously available to the average person or the person who needs it most - anyone trying to manage their weight.

Pricing and Availability
We will begin accepting open orders January 1, 2006. Delivery will begin April of 2006. If you are interested, please use the email link below to provide your contact information and we will email you when the product is available.