lifechek™ sensor

Keep track of your calorie
expenditure in many ways!

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The Technology Behind LifeChek

LifeChek is a technological breakthrough. No other portable device can measure metabolism non-invasively, continuously and accurately.

Perhaps you've seen devices such as pedometers, accelerometers, or exercise equipment with "calorie counters" on board. They may seem to count calories, but they are only providing guesses based on a given amout of motion, averages, and assumptions. The calorie counts they report are limited to the time they are being used - while you are walking, jogging or working out on the equipment. Since you burn calories at all times, none of those devices gives true calorie usage 24/7.

Your metabolism is unique. No other person has the same eating habits or the same activity levels. To find out how many calories you actually burn in a day, you need the ability to measure the times when you are at rest, sleeping and eating, too. Only LifeChek can measure your unique formula accurately, at all times.

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The NEW technology behind LifeChek

LifeChek monitors your individual body's energy expenditure (calories) through heat flow sensors and a patented process. The sensors measure four heat flow types:

  • Convective
  • Radiant
  • Conductive
  • Evaporative

The heat flow detected is monitored by a micro-controller which converts the measurements to actual calories burned. The result is "direct calorimetry."

We admit, there are 2 other methods which can measure calories burned with the accuracy of direct calorimetry - both methods require expensive laboratory equipment (worth $20,000 or more), a trained staff, and invasive procedures.

  Additionally, both methods are limited to measuring calories burned while you're in the lab. Only LifeChek is portable, easily hidden under clothing, and has the capability to measure calories burned 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

LifeChek is sophisticated, but so easy to use.

LifeChek has 2 parts - a watch-sized device which is worn on the upper arm and which contains calorie burning sensors. And, an output display device that shows the calories burned.

The watch-sized device measures calories burned every 12 seconds and transmits the information via radio signals to the display device where you can see a read-out of calories you're burning. LifeChek has a memory that allows you to view approximately 7 days of your activity at a time.

LifeChek keeps track of your calorie expenditure in many ways.

One way to display calories burned is shown as the Normal Mode. It displays the Current Rate of Calories Burned per Hour. The calories burned per hour mode will give you a good indication of regular daily progress.

In the Normal Mode you can also view Total Calories Burned. This mode displays all calories burned from the moment you begin wearing LifeChek until the present. It can be as short as a few minutes and as long as one week.

Timer Mode works much in the same way as a stopwatch on a digital watch, although LifeChek's stopwatch counts calories as well as time. Simply press the start button and the timer and calorie counters begin this function.

LifeChek's Target Mode is especially usefull when you want to burn a specific number of calories. It works as a countdown for a goal you set to burn a set number of calories. For example, if you want to burn 400 calories, set LifeChek at 400 calories, begin exercising (or any other activity) and LifeChek will sound a beep when the 400 calories have been burned.