average metabolism

Average Metabolism

Although metabolism varies widely, most people burn between 1800-2800 calories per day.


.the energy equation

The "energy equation" - Burn more calories than you consume and you will lose weight - a very simple formula!



The Hard Facts About Burning Calories (Metabolism)

Learn how counting the calories you burn with LifeChek can help you lose weight or manage your personal fitness program, but first a few facts about metabolism...

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is the term used to describe the calories burned by an individual during a typical day. If a trained professional were to say your metabolism is 2700, that means you burn 2700 calories during an average day. Your metabolism is measured at all times of the day - while you exercise, stay still, sleep, or even when you eat.

Does my metabolism change?

Yes, your body composition, i.e. muscle and/or fat, plus changes in your daily activity affect your metabolism rate, and therefore, the number of calories you burn. LifeChek gives you the power to decide whether to adjust your calorie intake or activity levels to burn off the calories you've consumed based on your own body.

If I burn more calories (or increase my metabolism), can I really lose weight?

Yes, but only if you apply this simple formula - burn more calories than you eat.

Does everybody have a different metabolism?

Yes. Metabolism can vary greatly. A 5'2" woman weighing 130 lbs. may have a completely different metabolism than another woman who is the same height and weight. Differences in metabolism can be due to lifestyle, amount of muscle tissue vs. fat, age, genetics and other factors.

How do I increase my metabolism?

The simple answer - increase your activity. Walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Park farther away from the mall when you shop. Choose activities that keep you moving. For individuals who are looking for greater fitness, weight lifting and resistance training are methods which increase metabolism.


Do I have to increase my metabolism to lose weight?

No. With LifeChek, you can measure your metabolism and choose how you want to lose weight - by eating fewer calories or by increasing your activity. You decide!

Note: To keep weight from creeping back on, you will be most successful if you include regular aerobic exercise and resistence training as part of your lifestyle. The most motivational feature of the LifeChek metabolic sensor is that you will see how your regular exercise habits increase your metabolism and how many more calories you can eat and still not gain weight back. Yo-yo dieting can be completely avoided with facts about your individual calorie burn rate.

How do I measure my metabolism accurately?

Until LifeChek, there were only two accurate, medically accepted methods available to measure calories burned. Both methods are very expensive and require complete laboratories with sensitive equipment, specially trained personnel, and invasive procedures. LifeChek is the first portable, personal, low-cost method available which provides accurate calorie burning counts.

I've seen other devices claim that they measure calories burned, how do they compare?

Exercise equipment such as home gyms, pedometers, and pulse monitors are all guessing or estimating calories burned. They use methods that approximate calories burned, sometimes without taking into account that you could be a very lean 6' woman weighing 140 lbs. who has adhered to a weight lifting program (muscle burns more calories than fat) instead of a 4'8" woman who has not been lifting weights but also weighs 140 lbs. Exercise machines that do not factor in whether you are male or female also do not give very accurate estimates of calories burned.

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